Are YOU ready to Off-Road

Are YOU ready to Off-Road

Are YOU Ready to Off-Road

We know that many of our customers and friends are getting out there and exploring our beautiful land that God gave us…. and we always encourage people to do so as it’s one of the our favorite things to do!
But we want to ask you…. are YOU OFF-ROAD ready?
Here are a few things to think about before hitting the DIRT!
FIRST…I want to talk about understanding YOUR ability as a driver….Do you know what you are capable of driving and feel comfortable navigating the terrain? It is so important to drive within your comfort zone. Having a Co-Pilot is always a great idea to help you navigate a more difficult area on the trail. Each obstacle has multiple lines that you can choose from, so always choose the path of least resistance. You may need to get out of your vehicle, and walk it before hand to see if there are going to be any challenges you might not be able to see from the driver seat. Look for rocks or objects that could possibly damage your vehicle as well. When coming off an obstacle is there going to be something that may damage a shock mount, axle housing, or spare tire ?
Always off-road with a friend, it’s not safe to travel alone. If you need to find a buddy to join you there are great social media group pages or forums with others that are looking to head out. We do a few group day and weekend trail days here in SoCal….If you are interested Click here and it will add you to our list of trail run emails, and make sure to follow us on social media to stay updated on current events, and projects.
Make sure you let someone know where you are heading out on a trail and when they should be expecting you back. If you don’t have someone to call, you can notify the forest services for that area, and ask the Ranger what radio channel they are using. We have a Rugged Radios race radio (you don’t always have cell service) so having a Radio or CB to communicate is important. In the guide book that we use (there is a link below) it has a phone # to the local forest service that oversees that area. I also use OnXmaps to track my trip. The tracking feature on their app is a great way to figure out where you are, or to send to a friend to help find you. If you don’t have service to send your location as a text message, you can radio in the coordinates.

Check out the OnXmap on there website.

SECOND…We want to talk about your VEHICLES ability. It’s really important to have your vehicle set up correctly for the type of trail or terrain that you want to explore, and to be prepared. The biggest part of being prepared is knowing the ability of your vehicle.
This involves having the correct suspension set up, wheel/tire combination, and all the necessary trail equipment on your 4WD. We can help you achieve the proper set up for you and your rig. Another key to being prepared is to properly maintain your vehicle. You invest a lot of money in your rig so make sure to protect your investment by doing preventative maintenance, and service. Inspect your vehicle to insure it is in good working condition and off-road ready before heading out on the trail. If you have had your vehicle modified at our shop, we showed you the painted bolts on your new suspension set up,  these help you inspect for loose bolts and parts. Even your stock factory bolts can loosen up from rough trail driving. So make sure those lines are always lined up, and your vehicle is inspected before you hit the trail. Before hitting any trial we recommend you walk around your whole vehicle to inspect for issues, make sure your fluids are toped off and you have no leaks. This includes inspecting these components prior to any trip; lights, 4wd, jack, compressor, winch or whatever you might need to use out on the trail. It is key to know your vehicle and be familiar with it.

THIRD…. Know your trails. There are so many ways for you to find a trail….Apps, Guide books, group pages on social media and just plain old exploring. Many trail heads have signs and markings letting you know the levels of the trail… They are called Trail Rating. One of the most important things before you hit a trail is knowing how to read the signs of the trail head and the markings on them before you enter. Depending on what area you are in, there are different ways a trail head is marked. If you don’t know the difference between the trail ratings, there are many websites and books that you can look up that will explain what they mean. Some trails will give you a rating of 1-10, others will give you Diamonds and some have different color markings. One fact that I have learned is…trails are always changing. Depending on how often the trail is traveled, or mother nature deciding to come in and change it herself. Trail conditions, and difficulties can literally change overnight. If you come to an obstacle that you don’t feel comfortable navigating DON’T be afraid to turn around. You already know what’s behind you so if it’s safer to turn around then risk an obstacle you are not ready for…

Below are some great links to pages that have more information on the ratings. I also included a few videos of trails we have done recently. Check them out and next week we will have some more off-road tips and tricks.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!


Make sure to take these items with you out on the trail.

You can read guide book or download different trail maps that help keep you on the designated trails. They are a great place to start.

This is one of our favorite Guide books to help keep you moving along the way.

Rugged Radio has some great ways to communicate. Make sure to check out their different options and see what set up is best for you.

Check out these GREAT Videos

For more great videos on trails we have done check out our media page on our website

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Changing The World With Color

Changing The World With Color

Changing the world with color.

Where I find my inspiration… T

I really don’t know where my love of color came from or exactly where it started, but I seriously love color… oh and painting! I could paint a wall and be happy, lol! Yes I love it that much. I truly want to brighten the world with color! As you know, color is a sensory state appealing to our sight. All different kinds of color engage us with a different type of emotion, and its just so cool that color can affect’s your mood. It can totally change your state.
MEMORIES… As a child, I remember everything from going to the desert and watching the “golden hour” of sunsets dance across the shimmering sand dunes to the expansive beaches of Pismo with the white, blue, and green waves crash against the silvery sand. So for me, I notice the color in everything, even as a kid. To say the least… the color I see is truly inspired by the nature around me! There is something magical about being outdoors.

INSPIRATION… So as I started to paint and design more, I realized I wanted to be able to recreate moments like those memories I had when choosing and creating colors. So that even without “golden hours” happening, when you looked at the paint, there would be something about it that you knew was magical and would take you to that place, to that moment where it elicits that same feeling in that moment.

In moments like those, everything is organic, and its changing. I think that’s my favorite part… the change that’s happening in the moment. To me, you have to keep things interesting, make it something that people will love looking at time and time again, so if you can make the color so it has properties that change, it keeps it interesting.

Overlooking Johnson Valley from a distance (where King of the Hammers takes place)… admiring all the different tones of brown that show up across the terrain. The Ranger is shown taking on a deeper look, and the color highlights the shape of the body, just like the terrain ahead.

The color green elicits a feeling of calm, security, peace, nature, health, balance, growth…

CHOOSING A COLOR… When I choose an actual paint color for any build there is usually a series of things I do to make sure we are getting the color, and the effect that they really want the color to have. First, “how will they use it?” Then, since people are usually drawn to certain colors, I will have them look through magazines, to see where their eye keeps going. We all tend to have favorite colors we migrate towards! And then, what do you want this color to say. Yeah, colors talk, lol!
So for our Baja Forged Ford Ranger, the idea was that it would always be off-roading, whether it be Baja, the SoCal deserts, or the sculptural terrain of Moab, it needed to have a color that blended in to its environment, but still stood out. So we wanted something that gave a more natural, organic vibe, not something that was blatant and in your face. We wanted it to change colors as much as the landscape around it does.
Personally, I like golds and yellows, remember I do love sunsets, so you will tend to see those colors incorporated into many things I to design or paint, lol. Guessing you are currently seeing lots of yellow and gold in this blog post, lol. So with the Ranger, I chose green. I have always loved military green, I love the outdoors, and I love gold, but really wanted something that almost was camouflaged in its environment. I love subtly in a way that something blends in, but also stands out all at the same time.
CREATING THE COLOR… When I custom mix a color, I will look at the color in different lighting environments, to make sure it has highlights, shadows, and has a sense of depth that draws you in. So, my first thing for the Ranger color was that it was going to have a ton of gold pearl for that “golden hour” glow. Then I wanted to start to see which tone I wanted this green to have, I wanted it to be able to blend in throughout different environments, so we darkened it up a bit. I also love muddy colors, lol, so we added some white to it as well to give it that solid color look most of the time, but when the pearl hit, it took on a whole new life.
Mixing this color was different. It felt different. I wanted to be able to make a really big impact, but still be subtle and under the radar. You don’t know how many people have told me they love the color! That is what I want. I want people to love what’s around them, what they see, what they do. For something to give them a sense of joy just looking at it!
I also want it to make them think. “How did they get the color to do that?” Keeping people guessing is always fun, it leaves for intrigue. Its not black and white, its all the colors in between! With that being said, I do know that my mission is to help change the world with color! Well one of my missions anyway!
COLOR THEORY… Color has meaning. The color green elicits a feeling of security, peace, nature, calm, and wellness. The nature part I spoke about, but its pretty cool that it has all these other effects as well! The color gold elicits passion, courage, wisdom, magic, and a sense of grandeur. I like that! Probably why I use that color a lot! Things we think about… but don’t really think about, lol. Time to start thinking about them more!
MIXOLOGY…So, how do I make a custom color? Well it does take me quite a bit of time, lol, but its worth it! I originally started out using solvent based paint, and that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is! With solvent based paints, you could mix a color and when you looked at it in the cup, that is exactly how the color was going to look sprayed. Ok maybe slightly darker, but pretty darn close. But with waterborne paints (that I have still been using for almost 15 years) it took a little while to get used to! The paint does not look the same from when you mix it to when you spray it, so everything has to be done with a specific formula and then sprayed out to see what the results are. But the results have been phenomenal! Its like anything, you have to really get to know it, to understand it, so once I understood all the different qualities each toner had, it got easier each time!
With paint, the colors are specifically weighed out on a scale down to the grams. It is very specific if you want to get a perfect color match. It’s all chemicals. I tell people its more like baking than cooking. If you don’t get your ingredients perfect, and in the right order, at the right viscosity, and the right temp, then you won’t get the same results. When temperatures change, you have to make changes.
When I teach pin striping classes, most people tell me that they have tried and failed. I tell them, I can teach them, and yes I am confident in that. The one tip that I ca’t stress enough is to have the right viscosity of the paint, the thickness of the paint. It can’t be too thick – it will drag the brush, give you dry jagged marks. It can’t be too thin – it will blob all over, run, and be transparent. If you don’t have that right viscosity to begin with, you will fail at everything else you do when it comes to painting, any kind of painting!
That is my free TIP OF THE DAY!
Well, I hope I was able to inspire you and I look forward to working with you!
With the current world situation, we are living in unprecedented times with a pandemic on our hands that is affecting each one of us. Now more than ever, we need color in our life, to brighten our days, change our mood, or just put a smile on our face. Hope I helped put a smile on your face today!
Now its time for me to get back to the paint booth!
– T

Theresa Contreras has been our in-house custom painter and designer for over 20 years using PPG refinishing systems which include the Envirobase line and the Vibrance Collection. Luis Acosta has been our lead refinishing technician for over 25 years, and works together with Theresa on all projects. PPG Industries is always there for us including, Paul Stoll, who as a mentor, his knowledge, guidance, and support over the years has been priceless!

IG: @designmuse

Photo by Tim Sutton of Driving Line

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SPOTLIGHT: Real Deal Revolution

Check out Real Deal Revolution. A 501c3 non profit that Theresa started wtih Jessi Combs. Still going strong, Real Deal strives to empower more females to get into the trades by inspiring them!

Real Deal attends events and offers workshoppes. Contact us if you would like Real Deal to be at your next event, or you would like to attend a workshoppe!



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Baja Forged Super Duty

Baja Forged Super Duty


The design process…with T

Have you checked out the latest PPG ad featuring our customer painter and designer….Theresa Contreras?

Here are a few words from her, about our Baja Forged Ford Super Duty.

Designing a build… it first starts with function… the what, why, how, etc. The vision that you have of how it needs to function for you. But then of course, you have the vision of how it needs to look, and one of the reasons people choose to come to us is because of our style! We love to be able to invigorate your ideas with our infusion of style and function! Our Baja Forged Ford Super Duty is the perfect example of function and style coming together and showing you all… WHAT… WE… DO!

The SD came about because everyone loved our Ford Ranger, and the color that I custom blended in my mixing lab using all PPG paint. So this was all about building its big brother, and recreating the color palette and our design aesthetic in an exciting new way.

The function started with the Pronghorn utility bed that we had to make our own by putting some custom touches on it. So when I saw this big square bed, I knew it needed some work. We had already decided that we would add some modularity to it by adding some cross bars, but when the bed was placed on the truck, I sat staring at it … I am all about stance! I will sit looking at the side profile in a gaze… its like the Mona Lisa… proportions are everything. There is something about having the right proportions on something that makes it so aesthetically appealing, but most people don’t know why… its proportions! So when I saw the bed on the truck, and we already had the wider carbon fiber fenders in the front, the tires in the rear stuck out like a sore thumb! Well, that must be taken care of, and people… when they see that I’m in my gaze, they know its just more work for us all, lol! So, as I gazed at it, I realized we needed a rear fender flare. Mind you, its small, not even that big, but I tell you, you might not even notice it, but it really does make ALL the difference in the world!

So, that is one of the ways this project evolved… but really I’m supposed to be talking to you about the paint work, lol! The final touch to a vehicle… but is it? This project literally revolved around the paint color. People could not get enough of it! And what’s funny is I’m not a green person, lol! But I am a gold person! OK, that’s a lie, I have been a little partial to military green. So I really came up with a color that had tons of gold pearl, so when the light hit the body lines, gold would shimmer down them revealing all the amazing curves. So as you know a Super Duty does not have too many curves to begin with, so we handled that by adding our Baja Forged 5” bulged prerunner fenders in … yes… carbon fiber. I knew, to make an impact on this vehicle, those fenders needed to be carbon fiber, and the color would look amazing against it… and over the top of it! Then of course, the beauty of the color I mixed is that it is a candy, so it is very translucent, like a candy apple. Even with the red candy over the top of the apple, you can still see the apple through it. So with the green over the top of the carbon fiber, you can still see the carbon fiber through it. One of my secrets is to always make it so something is moving as you walk by it so it catches your eye. So from a distance, you can see the green, but if you walk by it, you notice the translucent carbon fiber shimmering through the golden flecks and green tone. Yeah, I like this stuff, lol! Hope you enjoy looking at it!
The cool part was many people showed us how much they liked it as well! We won a Ford design award at SEMA 2019, a Pro-Eagle award at SEMA 2019, and PPG did a feature ad on me and our truck (shown above). Pretty rad stuff! Super grateful for the reception, and I hope that comes through in this reflection… as I LOVE doing this! And I hope it shows, that our whole shop loves doing this, because there is an amazing team that truly makes this ALL happen!
So check out our Super Duty and all the other great stuff on it. It fulfilled our needs, but some of these products might be able to help fulfill yours. Sara is going to go more in depth on the products, because I just make them look good, lol! OK I use them too.
Until nexttime! -T
P.S. … and next time I’ll tell you what inspired this paint color.


The functionality of it all… with Sara

Here is Sara Morosan, our in house tech guru, to tell you more about the function of the Baja Forged Super Duty from her view.
Our Super Duty has already attended a couple of events and won a few awards….. but what we love most about our builds are getting to actually use them!
After its debut at the SEMA Show in November 2019 we have attended the King of The Hammer (KOH) in Johnson Valley, CA and The Mint 400 in Las Vegas.
I don’t know what we love most about our truck since there are so many great upgrades done to the truck and we haven’t even used all of them yet!
Check out our review on some of our favorite products…..

Suspension, wheels, and tires…

To us one of the most important things is SuspensionIt is so important to invest in a good suspension set up that you can trust and still has all the qualities you are looking for.
We get customers that want to find the lowest priced suspension for a truck or SUV that they just spent a lot of money on, and they usually plan on keeping their vehicle for a least a few years. So why would you want to put the cheapest suspension on your vehicle? A better quality suspension will save you money in the long run.

For us we look at three major things when picking a suspension setup for our personal vehicles, and for our customers…. Is it Reliable?….How does it handle on road?…..How does it handle off-road? We went with the ICON Vehicle Dynamics Stage 7 set up on our Ford Super Duty. We really wanted to build a truck that we could drive in comfort for our long road trips, but also handle off-road when we are out in the middle of now where. A lot of times when we are heading out to an event we have a fully loaded truck and usually a trailer full of product, and/or show vehicles that we are taking out. So reliability is huge for us and I hope that it is for you as well.

I don’t know about you, but all of our vehicles are our daily drivers as well as our off-road vehicles. So when looking for a suspension kit, we focus on products that offer comfort on and off-road. We have found at times you may have to sacrifice one for the other. When we started running the ICON Vehicle Dynamics kits we realized that we could have booth. One of my favorite things about giving rides to people is their reactions to how impressed they are with the ride quality of the kits.

Wheels and tires
We love the wide front end set up with our Baja Forged Carbon Fiber front Fenders, but we wanted to make sure that we filled it out correctly with the right wheel and tire combo. A lot of people understand the importance of making sure that their tire has the correct rating to tow the heavy load, but they often neglect that their wheels also have a weight rating. Knowing that Method Race Wheels offers their HD series wheels that have a heavier load rating up to 4500lbs, we thought they would work perfect for our project. If you are looking for a heavy duty wheel, make sure to check them out.

Next we wanted to find a tire that would help enhance and work well with the rest of our set up. We decided to wrap our Method Race Wheels in a set of BF Goodrich 37×13.50R18E Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 tires. These tires are a great looking and a great performing tire as well. They offer a quiet stable on road ride, yet perform excellent when out on the trail. They feature extra sidewall protection which really comes in handy when in areas with sharp rocks and trail debris that can cause flats. The last thing we want to do is change a flat out on the middle of the trail, but we have our Pro Eagle jack mounted in the bed if we need to. 


As soon as we hit the trail we air down for better ride comfort and a larger foot print for better traction in the dirt. One of the things that we stress so much to our customers is having the right equipment and products on their rigs. One of the first things we added to our truck was the Viair Corp On Board Air (OBA) system. It is so important to air back up before hitting the highway again, for your safety, plus it helps keep your tire maintained at its proper air pressure. Our OBA Viair system works flawlessly to get us back on the road again, and keeps us from having to wait in any long lines at the gas station for air. The OBA has come in handy in many ways not just for airing up tires. We also have it plumbed to air up our Hellwig Product Helper bag set up for towing. Once you have it you will never want to be without it.
We have not used our Tepui Roof Top tent yet and I am really sad about this, but with all this social distancing maybe I will be able to head out for a secluded camping trip soon, and get to use it. So far we have set it up a couple of times for shows, and find it very easy. We have had the soft style tents before, and find they are harder to set up than the hard shell style rooftop tent. So far, this Tepui hard shell tent seems to be a much more convenient set up and much lighter product…I think I am going to really like it, but I will have to let you know once I have actually used it… stay tuned for an update.
I do have to say I love our ARB Awnings. This is not the first time we have had the awnings, but every time I am more impressed with them, and how useful they are. The only hard part of setting them up is my height. I can’t really reach them with our large trucks, and it makes it hard for me to do the set up by myself, but with the help of a friend it is a really easy and fast set up. It is so much nicer not having to carry around a big bulky Ez-up.
Ok, so my new favorite products
We installed the 60 gallon Transfer flow tank, at first I was a little hesitant on the upgrade….but until I had to make the drive to Vegas for The Mint 400 and I didn’t have to stop to get gas….Game changer! I don’t know about you, but I am in a zone and not having to stop makes a world of difference. Plus, I was towing our trailer with a SXS on it as well, and I try to avoid going through gas stations or crowded areas when I am towing. I am really glad my sister installed the Katzkin leather seats as well….These things are so comfortable, and since I never had to stop to get gas a comfortable seat was a must. All the hands free Scosche Products we received came in super handy as well. It was like I had my own personal set up for my comfort, and it worked with our Ford CarPlay. I didn’t have to take my eyes off the road once.
All in all, so far I am really happy with all the products and set up of our Ford Super Duty…I can’t wait to use it more and really put it through some more testing. I think the biggest thing I am looking forward to is using the B&W gooseneck set up. We haven’t needed to use it yet, but I can’t wait to see how it pulls. Unfortunately, I will have to wait till we are all off of this quarantine, and can get back to traveling again.
Let me know if you have any questions on any of these products or any other brands…We have been doing this for 22+ years and have come across pretty much everything. We would love to help you find your next product to outfit you rig!
-Sara Morosan
For the Full Story on our Ford Super Duty head over to our build page….

Products Available

Icon Vehicle Dynamics
Stage 7 kit
Pro Eagle Jack
Viair Corp
OnBoard Air System

If you missed our newsletter about KOH and The Mint 400 you can find if on our Blog page….Here

2019 SEMA Show Ford Booth
King of the Hammer on Display in the middle of Hammer town in the Ford Booth
The Mint 400 in Fords Booth at the Off-Road Festival

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Mark your Calendars

Mark your Calendars

Mark your Calendars
for theses 2020 Events coming up!
King of the Hammer January 31st – February 9th Johnson Valley, Ca

King of the Hammers is just around the corners.
January 31st – February 9th

This is the perfect event to start off the New Year and it’s less than 2 hours away.

More information click on the link below

Can’t make it out?… Watch it live.

The Mint 400 March 5th-March 9th Las Vegas, NV

We are so excited for The Mint 400 this year!

Join us as we Rally to the Races…from Barstow to Vegas!

Join our group or start your own! We have a full schedule of actives, from our own area at the Off-road festival, a special area to watch the races and more!
For more information on Off-Roading to The Mint email us

For More information on The Mint 400 and what it’s all about

Easter Jeep Safari – EJS April 4th – April 12th Moab, UT
Want to go have some fun on the Rocks of Utah?
If you haven’t gone to this event you have to add it to you list of must dos!

This is a week long event and the Red Rock 4-Wheelers do a great job!

Make sure you book your rooms and sign up now for the trails. They go fast!

Tierra Del Sol – TDS February 28th-March 1st Ocotillo Wells / Salton Sea
Just down in Salton Sea / Truck Haven area, the Four Wheel Drive Club of San Diego puts on this amazing event every year. It’s a great family event, the off-road trail is a mild to easy trail with lots of beautiful scenery plus they have a great vendor area with a great firework show on Saturday night!

We will not be able to make it out this year, but we wanted to make sure it was something that you put on your Calendar.

Rally To The Races!

Rally To The Races!

We are heading to The Great American Race and we want you to join us!
The Mint 400 is one of the most iconic Off-Road races and we will be
OFF ROADING from Barstow to Las Vegas to watch and be apart of the Fun!

See Below for the Full line of activities, you DONT want to miss!

Thursday & Friday, March 5th and 6th

Real Deal Workshoppes

Welding Workshoppes
Leather Workshoppe
Paint Workshoppe
Workshoppes will be held all day Thursday and Friday!
Learn how to Weld, Pinstripe and Leather work.

We ask for a $20 donation to our non-profit for the workshoppes to help cover the material for the classes, you can make the donation on site with cash or Vemo.

We love to be out at these events to help spark interest in hands on skilled trades! Do you
Love what we do?…Be part of the Revolution! Help Real Deal get to The Mint. These girls are so passionate about what they do, they donate their time and money to get out there to help. a simple donation will help them with these expenses.

Help the Renegades get to The Mint 400
Be part of the Revolution and donate
What is REAL DEAL ….
Visit their website to find out what it is all about!

Thursday, March 5th The Mint 400 Schedule

9:00am – 5:00pm Real Deal Workshoppes

9:00am – 5:00pm The Mint 400 Off-Road Festival Day 1 Las Vegas Blvd to 11th St
Special parking at the Off-Road Festival Thursday and Friday. Pick one of your favorite vehicles from your group to have a special parking to show off their off-road rig.

7:00pm – Midnight The Mint 400 Block Party at The Mint 400 Main Stage / Llama Lot

7:30pm Qualifying Awards for The Mint 400 Main Stage / Llama Lot

7:45pm Miss Mint 400 Crowning Mint 400 Main Stage / Llama Lot

7:30pm – 9:30pm Pit Crew Challenge Mint 400 Main Stage / Llama Lot

Friday, March 6th The Mint 400 Schedule

9:00am – 5:00pm Real Deal Workshoppes

9:00am – 5:00pm The Mint 400 Off-Road Festival Day 2
Las Vegas Blvd to 11th St Special parking at the Off-Road Festival Thursday and Friday. Pick one of your favorite vehicles from your group to have a special parking to show off their off-road rig.

9:00am – 5:00pm Driver Meet & Greet TBD

8:00pm – Midnight Post Race Party Open to GA in VIP Suite

Saturday, March 7th Race Day

RACE Day…RACE Day….RACE Day….Lets go watch some Racing!
One of our favorite things to do is watch Racing….If we aren’t Off-roading then there is nothing better then watching Off-road races. Are we RIGHT!!

As all the Spector’s gather on Saturday morning to watch one of America’s toughest off-road races we will have our own area where we will all watch the races. Bring your Ez-Up’s, Chairs and coolers it’s an all day thing.

For more information about Race day and spectator info Visit Their website
and Hotel information

Love cool Merchandise as much as we do!?

This merchandise is available here Online at DirtCo. or you can purchase it out at the Off-Road festival.

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