Get out and Explore…. Overlanding, our new series

Get out and Explore…. Overlanding, our new series

Overlanding seems to be a huge topic these days and I completely understand why. For many years people have been exploring our great land and seeking adventures that are beyond the pavement. With the way that our world has been changing we’ve seen a huge increase in the Overland and camping scene.
We’ve been in the off-road industry for over 37 years and every year we continue to grow in this marketplace. As fellow adventure seekers we get a lot of customers that ask us for our opinions on many different topics, that is why we started these blogs. So if you ever have questions about something we mentioned or didn’t mention, reply to this email and we will try to answer it as best of possible.
On this series we will be talking about our Overlanding adventures. There is nothing like getting out there and just soaking it all in and expanding our Horizons….When I am out on a trail and discovering something new that just gives me this a feeling that reminds me that we are all part of something that is so much bigger. There is this great big world out there that is just waiting to be discovered…well discovered by us.
So you are like YES, lets do this!! I am READY! Packed up and ready to head out of town…. BUT are you ready for this great adventure?
I have done blogs about “Are YOU ready to off-road” and it had some great tips but setting up your rig for overlanding is a different game. This month we will be talking about Overlanding and some basics to start with, but there is a whole big world when getting into this subject. For now I wanted to start with the foundation.
This will be a 6-part series to make sure that you understand everything you need before heading out. Each week we will cover one Vehicle and the set up on that vehicle. Each featured build vehicle has a completely different set up for a different life style, use, or specific Rigs. We will also include one product review for an essential camping item and a recommendation for a destination point.
The first section about the vehicle may get a little technical but I want to make sure that I cover everything to make your adventure the best it can be.
The proper set up is very crucial and often overlooked. This could make or break your trip. There is so much to talk about on this topic, so I am going to dive into mostly suspension and the basic lingo that you need to know, if you want more technical tips, just email me and I will answer them the best I can.
The product I will go over will also be on our website at and you can purchase directly from our website. If you need help building your off-road or overland rig and getting set up, Let us build it for you! Contact us and make an appointment.
Thanks and I hope you enjoy our series about Overlanding.

-Sara Morosan-
LGE-CTS Motorsports

Photos by Aaron McKenzie



I picked the Method Race Wheel Bead Grip as our featured product on this newsletter, mainly for the reason that it’s great technology and not a lot of people know about it and they should. When off-roading the first thing we do when hitting the trail head is air down our tires and make sure they are at the correct PSI for the terrain we are about to hit. What some people might not know, is you can’t go below a certain PSI on most wheels, otherwise you will pop a bead and no one wants that. You may hear about beadlock wheels and if you are a serious off-roader you have them on your vehicle. Bead locks are great and you can air down to low as you need. The issue with beadlocks, they are not D.O.T basically they are NOT street legal and beadlocks require maintenance they can loose air and you need to check your bolts. The BEAD GRIP Technology from Method Race wheels, allows you to run a street legal wheel and to still be able to air down to that lower air pressure that you need for the dirt road. Plus, they cost less then a BeadLock wheel. Check them out on our website, HERE for more information and pricing.
Check them out on our website, HERE



Our featured destination is Lone Pine/Alabama Hills area located in California, located in east of Sequoia National park and Death Valley National Park.

We were introduced to this location from the Nitto Tire, Driving Line Team when they invited us to be in episode 3 of their new series “On The Trial” all the photos above are from our trip when we were there last November.

I picked this location for a few different reasons. One, It’s beautiful here, cold but beautiful. with the Sequoia National Park mountain range as your back drop you can’t get a bad view from any angle.

  1. The history in this area is unreal! Beside the countless movies that feature this area. It is also the home of the famous Manzanar National Historical Site which was a Japanese internment camp, which is a part of our history.
  2. The off-roading and exploring in this area is amazing….so many different terrain and some many areas to go and visit. We checked out the rewards Mine which is this crazy mine that you can drive inside of….My sister drove the Ranger in, I walked. lol.

This was such a beautiful trip and the drive was easy to get up there. I highly recommend adding this to your todo list of trips to explore.


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