So I am sure you have heard me say this before and I will say it again…. We love off-roading and we love to have people join us! A few times a year we will invite our friends and customers to hit the trails with us. We do different levels of trails and yes sometimes we push people to go a little bit beyond what they are use to… but I always say it’s better to go out and learn how to handle these terrains with people that know what they are doing for your first time then. Whenever we are invited to go out with Off-Roaders that are more experienced then us, we also try to say yes… It’s were we learn the most. So, if you are ever nervous about joining one of our trial days, don’t be, we are here for you!
So, a few weeks ago we hit the trials of Big Bear, Ca. We met up in Fawnskin, CA at 9:30 am on a pretty warm Saturday for our local mountains where we briefed the group on trail etiquette for those new to the scene. Wheels were up at 10:00 am as we departed north on Rim of the World Drive to the trail head at 3N14. We had 33 vehicles join us from all over southern California show up for a fun (unofficial) trail day on a early Saturday morning. From modified Jeeps, stock Jeeps and SUVs to Raptors, full-size trucks and daily drivers. Of course we took our 2019 Ford Ranger to lead the group, and our Gen 1 Ford Raptor for our recovery/Chase vehicle.
We had a pretty amazing group…. large, but amazing mix. A lot of new faces joined us and some familiar faces attended to also lend a hand and support the group including Sean Holman and Jay Tilles from The Truck Show Podcast, the team (Cody, Matt, and Jose) from Trail Chasers Podcast (talk about some fun radio banter), Funshine Jeep Girls Club, Jason and Marcel from Auto Revolution, AJ and the Team from Paramount Automotive and Dave Cole, creator of ULTRA4 Racing and King of the Hammers. Make sure to check out the links below from Trail Chasers and Truck Show Podcast to hear what they had to say about our adventure.
We followed the planned route that we pre-ran a few weeks before using our OnX GPS app and can confidently report that everyone had a great time, even the few vehicles that had to decline the hill climbs because their vehicles just weren’t quite equipped to make the obstacles. Maybe they’ll take advantage of our July Summer Sale going on now (shameless business plug 😉 – details below).
In the end, everyone tackled their fears and did a great job out on the trail. We can’t wait to do it again soon. Hopefully we will see you out in the dirt with us!
Many thanks to everyone who attended and thank you for supporting our small business during this time! We appreciate you!

Missed out on our Trail day…..Here is the Route that we took


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Get ready to hit the Dirt……

Get ready to hit the Dirt……

Get ready to hit the Dirt……
This Saturday ? Trail Day, July 11th
We are excited you are JOINING US in Big Bear! We will be heading out for a mild day of off-roading in the Big Bear Mountain area on July 11th!

We love to explore the different tails that are right in our back yard and would like to invite you to join us! This will be a mild to moderate off-road trail day (perfect for beginners). Nothing too challenging, but there will be some narrow, off-camber areas and some loose or mild rock sections; nothing difficult, great for learning and fun for everyone!

Since we are all responsibly practicing social distancing we will keep our stops to a minimum and as such this is an unofficial trail run. That said, we will stop randomly and briefly if there are area we want to explore and you may do so at your own risk. We want to go out and enjoy the great outdoors and its not safe to go off-roading alone, especially if you are new to off-road driving. This is a great way to meet others that love to drive on dirt (like us) and we will be onsite to assist if needed. If you need help on the trail please feel free to ask and we will give you the best guidance we can.



·     9:30 AM – Meet at Trailhead (gassed up, prepared and ready to go!)

·     Trailhead is in Fawnskin: Rim of the World Drive, Grapevine Canyon

·     GPS Coordinates: 34.27291, -116.95007

·     9:30-10:00 AM – Air Down and Brief Meeting (standard trail guideline and trail etiquette)

·     10:00 AM – (Hard Time) Wheels Up/Depart on Trail

·     12:00 AM – (Approx.) LUNCH BREAK at Lookout Point

·     3:00 PM – (Approx.) end of trail.

·     Kid / Dog Friendly (Leash Required; for your dog, not your kid)

·     BYO Lunch/Water

·     Pack in Pack out….Please do NOT liter on the trails.




·     4WD

·     Seat Belts

·     Good Attitude


·     MIN 32-Inch Tires

·     OnX Off-Road App (Maps & Coordinates)


·     Lockers


We sent out a newsletter earlier this week with some items to pack, if you missed it Click here. for “Tail Day Must Haves” . We have emails with specials go out monthly so make sure to check them, if you ever have any questions about our product we sell, email our sales team at

We can’t wait to see you out on the Trail….If you want to read some more about Beginner Off-Roading, check out our May blog Here.

See you out on the trail!



Few more pics from the trail:

Here are a few photos from our Pre-run. We have a couple off-shoot trails that are Black Diamond rated, they are short but for the more experienced drivers that want to try it, let us know if you want to and we will let you know when we come up to these crossroad.
Download the OnX Off-Road App and we will text you the trail map for July 11th!

OnX Off-Road App

We pre-ran this trail run using the OnX Off-Road App. If you have the App (or download and start the 7 day trial) let us know and we will send you the track for July 11th. You will have to email us at or you can reply to this email and we will add your info to the text list.


Make sure to check out these past videos on other trails we have done with our friends and partners:

For more great videos check out our media page on our Media page!


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Make way for… BAJA FORGED

Make way for… BAJA FORGED

Make way for… BAJA FORGED

Dear Friends, Family, and Fellow Adventure Seekers,

We wanted you to be the first to know about our exciting news!

We are officially launching our new signature brand and off-road lifestyle products under BAJA FORGED.


Since 2010, LGE-CTS Motorsports has been creating BAJA FORGED signature builds for over a decade, featuring them on the SEMA Showroom floor and the trails up and down the west coast. The demand for custom products found on these builds has grown and now we will be able to offer them on a larger scale. We have over 28 part numbers on deck; from our signature bumpers, roof racks and side bars to bed cages, protection equipment and accessories for the off-road truck market. BAJA FORGED’s line of products will be available through our retail website LGE-CTS Motorsports and eventually, other authorized retailers so that we can offer them worldwide.


Products available for immediate shipping are as follows:



” You love LGE-CTS Motorsports for our signature style builds, creating off-road products that enhance the look of the vehicle with contoured designs that functions just as well as they look.   LGE-CTS will continue to be the premier shop to build these vehicles, but we are excited to finally offer our BAJA FORGED off-road product line to those of you all over the world asking about building one of our designs yourself .” – Theresa


We want to thank you for your continued support and we are excited to see what the future holds as we forge this new path.


Thank you & see you on the trails!

Sara Morosan
BAJA FORGED Signature Builds Built by LGE-CTS Motorsports 


This west coast inspired BAJA FORGED “Adventurer Expedition” will take the whole family from the everyday busy life hustle, to the less explored paths in style and comfort that embrace the freedom of the outdoors while taking the family to experience life beyond its boundaries!



The BAJA FORGED Ranger has a presence and purpose driven look that gets noticed with its military tough persona and signature style bumpers that is ready to soar off-road.



The BAJA FORGED Super Duty is an all-in-one overland themed mobile command center, workshop and campsite that will be utilized as a chase truck for LGE-CTS Motorsports’ Baja Forged Ford Ranger.



The BAJA FORGED Raptor was built to PreRun! Inspired by off-road racing, the first BF Build was born…trust us, it’s a killer-Raptor.




Trail Day Must-Haves

Trail Day Must-Haves

Trial Day Must Haves

Hey Everyone,

We are super excited about our upcoming trail day on July 11th looks like we are going to have a good size group. We have received a few email with a couple of questions about the big day. On July 8th we will send out an email with all the details for the day…but here are a few items that you can make sure to pack and have ready.


Trail Day must haves

  • Spare Tire
  • Jack to change your spare
  • Tools
  • Radios (we use race radio’s)
  • Water
  • Air Gauge to air down
  • Compressor to air back up (you can go to a gas station as well)
  • OnX GPS APP (optional)
  • First Aid Kit


We list a few of these items below, they are available for purchase on our website. If you have any questions or need more assistance, you can email us at


Thanks and can’t wait to see you all out in Big Bear!



For our Trail run we will be using the OnX GPS App to track and download our run. We highly suggest that you download this app before you head out on the trail. Make sure to track the run and save it for the next time you want to go back out and see what trails you have already done.
Airing Up or Airing Down….Make sure you have the Right PSI
ARB E-Z DEFLATOR This is one of my favorite gauages to use. We have them in all of our rigs. They are EZ and fast to use.
VIAIR 400PA Air Compressor Kit We have on board air systems on most of our vehicles, but we also have a couple of portable compressors that are great to put in any vehicles for a road trip, on or off-road.
Recovery Gear and More
ARB SPEEDY SEAL PUNCTURE REPAIR KIT SERIES II So if anyone has heard my story about double flatting on Mojave….Good thing the guys brought one of these along.
WARN Heavy-Duty Epic Recovery Kit This recovery kit has everything you need, strap, tree trunk strap, shackles, gloves and carrying bag. For 5 years I didn’t use my recovery kit, then one trip to Moab and i used it 5x’s that trip. So you never know.
Hi-Lift Jack If you have ever taken one of our suspension 101 classes or have been on a trail day with us. I usually talk about Hi-Lift jacks and how amazing they are for so many different reasons. If you buy one from us, let me know if you want me to give you a quick lesson on how to use it properly.
PRO Eagle Jacks This is another item you will find in each one of our vehicles at all time. In fact we had to use it on the freeway today with our Super Duty, you never know when you will get a flat. We were just thankful it was a fast and speedy tire change because we had the right tools.
1Life Trama Kit First Aid kit are a must, but this Trama kit is so much more. A guy named Josh created this kit after being out in the middle of no where and is friend almost lost his life, so josh wanted to make sure to put a kit together that had everything that they could have used. These are a must have for every vehicle.
BOXO Tool Roll Boxo tools are a great tool kit and come with an even better warratny. We have this kit at our shop on display and I love how organized the boxes are. They also come in different color combinations so you can customize them to your liking. I highly recommend them for your garage or vehicle.
Did you check out our new Product line?
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