ROAD TRIPS… what memories do YOU have?

ROAD TRIPS… what memories do YOU have?

ROAD TRIPS… what memories do YOU have?

We’ve all taken road trips…
But what have been your most memorable? Why? Is it because of where you went? Or who you went with? Or what vehicle you drove in? Whatever the reason, there is that one memory you have, and we want to hear it! So reply to this post with yours! Here are a few of mine!

For us, my sister and I were fortunate enough to have family and friends that loved traveling the intercontinental North American region. And whether it be traveling, or just working on them, I would say most of our memories were based around cars, lol! But there is something about road trips!

Since we were a few years old, my moms parents have taken us to San Felipe in Baja. 

All of the grand kids would ride in the camper on our grandpa’s 1980 Chevy Pick up. Then we would hit the beach and ride 3 wheeler’s all day long. Those were the good old days! 

Then, when I turned 12, my sister and I took a cross county trip during summer with my dad’s parents. With the trip being almost 2 months long, we had tons of memories, lol! But I do have a most memorable! You all remember grandpa Lou right?! Well I was always dubbed navigator. For some reason I was good at directions and remembering landmarks. These were the days of Thomas guides and AAA Trip Tik maps. So as my grandpa and I were coming to a crazy big freeway interchange, it got confusing to me, but I finally said … I think you are supposed to go that way grandpa … as I pointed to the off ramp that we almost passed! But he quickly turned the vehicle towards where I pointed because he knew I would be right. And my eyes grew wide as we flew across a few lanes in our Winnebago on to the correct highway. Grandpa didn’t say a word… just kept on driving! Lol! 

And of course… I remember my dads first fully custom painted 1979 Ford F100 Ranger. Standard cab short bed. Bright yellow with custom graphics. Just the right proportions. I remember when we would drive in it, and he’d let me shift! That was the coolest thing! But I really remember just how many cool places that ride took us too. Mostly Pismo beach… I loved driving down that beach! 

Well, it’s amazing how many great memories we have based around vehicles, or where our vehicles have taken us. Truly a vehicle is just that, something that transports you somewhere! And even empowers you by what it looks like and what it can do. ! I always say they are extension of our personalities! I do have a Supercharged 635 hp Raptor, lol! Just saying! And we now have this amazing Super Duty that has already given us enough memories to share for a lifetime! 

Vehicle’s are truly such a huge part of our daily lives. Look at how many memories our vehicles give us! Look at how they impact our lives. Look at the memories you will create with your next generation. 

We know how important those memories are, and we’re happy we can help make them possible. We’re here to help you create that connection, that bond, of using your vehicle to create memories that you will have the rest of your life. 

Each customer’s builds are so special to us. To hear and know why they want to build something and to help them accomplish their dream of doing that means the world to us. A build is an investment that will make memories that last a lifetime. 

Let’s create some memories together, because memories are worth investing in!

LGE-CTS Motorsports loves building it all, but has a strong focus in offroad lifestyle driven designs. We look forward to building something with you and we are also here to repair your custom vehicle. 

We appreciate your continued support and love having you as part of our Motorsports family! Thank you for your referrals! It’s exactly what has made us grow over the years!

VIAR: Your vital air source

Are you PREPARED for your road trip?

Flat tires happen! So we are always prepared with our Viair compressor’s. Below, Sara is using the portable compressor that we highly recommend for any road trip you might be taking!

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Are YOU ready to Off-Road

Are YOU ready to Off-Road

Are YOU Ready to Off-Road

We know that many of our customers and friends are getting out there and exploring our beautiful land that God gave us…. and we always encourage people to do so as it’s one of the our favorite things to do!
But we want to ask you…. are YOU OFF-ROAD ready?
Here are a few things to think about before hitting the DIRT!
FIRST…I want to talk about understanding YOUR ability as a driver….Do you know what you are capable of driving and feel comfortable navigating the terrain? It is so important to drive within your comfort zone. Having a Co-Pilot is always a great idea to help you navigate a more difficult area on the trail. Each obstacle has multiple lines that you can choose from, so always choose the path of least resistance. You may need to get out of your vehicle, and walk it before hand to see if there are going to be any challenges you might not be able to see from the driver seat. Look for rocks or objects that could possibly damage your vehicle as well. When coming off an obstacle is there going to be something that may damage a shock mount, axle housing, or spare tire ?
Always off-road with a friend, it’s not safe to travel alone. If you need to find a buddy to join you there are great social media group pages or forums with others that are looking to head out. We do a few group day and weekend trail days here in SoCal….If you are interested Click here and it will add you to our list of trail run emails, and make sure to follow us on social media to stay updated on current events, and projects.
Make sure you let someone know where you are heading out on a trail and when they should be expecting you back. If you don’t have someone to call, you can notify the forest services for that area, and ask the Ranger what radio channel they are using. We have a Rugged Radios race radio (you don’t always have cell service) so having a Radio or CB to communicate is important. In the guide book that we use (there is a link below) it has a phone # to the local forest service that oversees that area. I also use OnXmaps to track my trip. The tracking feature on their app is a great way to figure out where you are, or to send to a friend to help find you. If you don’t have service to send your location as a text message, you can radio in the coordinates.

Check out the OnXmap on there website.

SECOND…We want to talk about your VEHICLES ability. It’s really important to have your vehicle set up correctly for the type of trail or terrain that you want to explore, and to be prepared. The biggest part of being prepared is knowing the ability of your vehicle.
This involves having the correct suspension set up, wheel/tire combination, and all the necessary trail equipment on your 4WD. We can help you achieve the proper set up for you and your rig. Another key to being prepared is to properly maintain your vehicle. You invest a lot of money in your rig so make sure to protect your investment by doing preventative maintenance, and service. Inspect your vehicle to insure it is in good working condition and off-road ready before heading out on the trail. If you have had your vehicle modified at our shop, we showed you the painted bolts on your new suspension set up,  these help you inspect for loose bolts and parts. Even your stock factory bolts can loosen up from rough trail driving. So make sure those lines are always lined up, and your vehicle is inspected before you hit the trail. Before hitting any trial we recommend you walk around your whole vehicle to inspect for issues, make sure your fluids are toped off and you have no leaks. This includes inspecting these components prior to any trip; lights, 4wd, jack, compressor, winch or whatever you might need to use out on the trail. It is key to know your vehicle and be familiar with it.

THIRD…. Know your trails. There are so many ways for you to find a trail….Apps, Guide books, group pages on social media and just plain old exploring. Many trail heads have signs and markings letting you know the levels of the trail… They are called Trail Rating. One of the most important things before you hit a trail is knowing how to read the signs of the trail head and the markings on them before you enter. Depending on what area you are in, there are different ways a trail head is marked. If you don’t know the difference between the trail ratings, there are many websites and books that you can look up that will explain what they mean. Some trails will give you a rating of 1-10, others will give you Diamonds and some have different color markings. One fact that I have learned is…trails are always changing. Depending on how often the trail is traveled, or mother nature deciding to come in and change it herself. Trail conditions, and difficulties can literally change overnight. If you come to an obstacle that you don’t feel comfortable navigating DON’T be afraid to turn around. You already know what’s behind you so if it’s safer to turn around then risk an obstacle you are not ready for…

Below are some great links to pages that have more information on the ratings. I also included a few videos of trails we have done recently. Check them out and next week we will have some more off-road tips and tricks.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!


Make sure to take these items with you out on the trail.

You can read guide book or download different trail maps that help keep you on the designated trails. They are a great place to start.

This is one of our favorite Guide books to help keep you moving along the way.

Rugged Radio has some great ways to communicate. Make sure to check out their different options and see what set up is best for you.

Check out these GREAT Videos

For more great videos on trails we have done check out our media page on our website

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